Bibimbap is one of the most popular, well-known, and beloved dishes in Korea. Traditionally, Bibimbap is a bowl layered with rice, vegetables, meat, and a spicy sauce called “gochujang” – all mixed together.
The Korean word “bibim” means “mix” and “bap” means “rice or a meal”, so Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice” or “a mixing meal”.  That’s how the name BibimBar was created, the mixing bar.
Growing up on Bibimbap, we have determined the true beauty of this dish is the endless variation of flavors and textures that appeal not only to taste buds but also to different food preferences and dietary requirements.
BibimBar was created with this in mind: to accommodate the diverse needs of our customers and offer a variety of healthy choices from the very first layer to the last.
In just four steps, you have built your own fresh bowl – your Bibimbap.

At Bibimbar, enjoy your own creation!