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BibimBar is a quick service restaurant in San Francisco’s financial district, offering a variety of options to create unique bowls of Korean bibimbap. Bibimbap is a beloved dish in Korea, layered with rice, vegetables, meat, and Gochujang, a spicy sauce.

The Korean word Bibim means “mix” and Bap means “rice” or “a meal.” When you combine the two, Bibimbap signifies “mixed rice” or “a mixing meal”. That’s how BibimBar was named, the mixing bar.

Growing up on bibimbap, we believe that the essence of the dish is the endless variation of flavors and textures that fulfill all types of taste buds and dietary requirements.

BibimBar’s goal is to accommodate the diverse needs of diners around the world and offer a variety of healthy choices that are fully customizable. In less than 60 seconds, you can build your very own bibimbap.